In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SSIO volunteers in Kazakhstan provided food and other essential items to families with children, single mothers, people with disabilities, pensioners, and homeless people. Between mid-March and May 2020, the volunteers distributed 25 food packages weighing about 15 kg each, containing groats, sugar, flour, vegetable oil, pasta, sweets, personal hygiene products, and masks.

In the northern part of Kazakhstan, SSIO volunteers distributed 60 packages of food weighing nearly 50 kgs each to single mothers, and 20 packages weighing 25 kg each to the needy. The SSIO also joined efforts with the Bergimiz Foundation and distributed 2,000 grocery bags.

In the west, SSIO members visited an indigent family whose head of the family was incapacitated due to a stroke, and gave them food, hygiene items, and a washing machine. Apart from distributing food, the volunteers also helped a needy family by rebuilding their dilapidated house, whose roof was blown away during a severe storm. SSIO members provided food for the family and decorated the restored building.