In late December 2019, about 150 SSIO volunteers from around the country celebrated the Nativity of Christ and New Year’s holiday with numerous activities. They visited the children’s Distribution and Receiving Centre, where they celebrated Christmas with the children with a performance. The young children participated in interactive games and dances. The SSIO volunteers distributed gift bags filled with candies, cookies, waffles and fruits (apple, tangerines and banana) in addition to undergarments, socks, t-shirts and sweatpants. At another location, the programme began with a prayer for those who died or were injured in a plane crash. This was followed by light meditation, a presentation on Christmas, and devotional songs.

In another location, there was a general prayer and a moment of silence for the victims of a plane crash. A cartoon was shown about the birth of Jesus. The children participated in a quiz, recited poems and also received Christmas and New Year’s gifts from Santa Claus and the Magi.

In another part of the country, volunteers distributed nearly 60 kilograms of non-perishable food and clothing to four needy families. Gifts were distributed to the children of the families.

At yet another location, children from an orphanage along with their teacher joined Sathya Sai volunteers in preparing 100 food packages containing buckwheat porridge, vegetables and fruits, which were distributed to the homeless and the destitute. The volunteers also served them hot tea and chicory with milk and supplied them with clothing and hygiene supplies. The children received New Year’s gifts. Everyone was filled with joy and happiness, beyond words.