On 12th January 2020, the Taal volcano in Batangas province in Philippines erupted, causing widespread destruction to life and property. About 57,000 people were displaced from their homes and sought refuge in over 255 evacuation centres in safer parts of the province. The SSIO of Philippines, in partnership with Asian Development Bank (ADB), was quick to respond to the needs of the evacuees in the most remote towns of Batangas.

On 16th January 2020, SSIO volunteers packed 400 bags with essential groceries. The next day, a team of 32 volunteers, including ladies and young adults, distributed the packed grocery bags at the evacuation centres. Several volunteers travelled 14 to 15 hours to reach the evaluation centres which were in dire need, and served 390 affected families, including young children and infants. In addition, sanitary napkins, goggles, blankets, and slippers were also distributed. The SSIO volunteers offered prayers for the well-being of all the people from the affected areas.