In July 2020, the Sathya Sai International Organization (SSIO) of New South Wales (NSW) Region East and NSW Region West organized a service project called “Love in Action”. Volunteers provided food and books to people in need, donated blood, wrote inspiring letters to cheer up the lonely, and organized environmental awareness campaigns. SSIO members supplied more than 950 kg of food to refugee families, and those who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with others, they donated over 200 new books to needy students attending schools in remote parts of Australia. SSIO volunteers also organized a blood drive at the Australian Red Cross.

The Sathya Sai Young Adults together with Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) children, launched the program of “Letters of Love”, presenting 150 inspiring and uplifting letters to the elderly in nursing homes in the NSW region. The artistically rendered letters from the children not only brought smiles to the seniors, but also helped the SSE children develop a loving bond with those living in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of NSW Sathya Sai Centers adopted another meaningful project, “Zero-Waste” to protect Mother Nature. This is an ongoing project to encourage devotees to follow Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings and inculcate good habits. All participants practiced ceiling on desires and pursued the goal of zero waste for one or more of the following: food, money, time, and energy, to protect the environment.