On 27th January 2018, SSIO volunteers in Thailand conducted a survey in Baan Daan Chaan village to identify the needs of indigent villagers, with a view to adopting the community. They also distributed packages containing rice, oil, sugar, washing powder, noodles, and milk to the villagers. The volunteers interacted with the villagers to learn about their living conditions.

On 10th February 2018, SSIO volunteers conducted surveys of four additional villages in the Lamnarai District to ascertain their needs. The head of the Lamnarai District received the survey team happily and welcomed them warmly. The volunteers met with 20 local village families who were in dire need of support, some without homes. Sathya Sai volunteers offered the families rice, oil, sugar, noodles, and washing powder. The volunteers will assess the information from these visits with a view to adopt or better serve the families.