Sathya Sai students from the rural elementary and high schools of Abejales celebrated World Human Values Day, 24th April, with a Walk for Values. Abejales, meaning “eternal beehive,” is a remote land at the foot of the Andes, inhabited by an ancient pre-Colombian tribe. The programme began with a spiritual ceremony at a Catholic church to express love and gratitude to God for protection by the deities and spirits of nature. In keeping with local traditions, the participants, symbolising honeybees, walked happily around the small village in traditional attire, accompanied by the Prema Sai Musical Band from the school. Many local radio stations enthusiastically promoted human values for living in love and peace. At the end, volunteers served up a delicious vegetarian meal in the village central square.

On 25th April 2017, 56 children along with their teachers joined in a human values parade at the Bolivarian Institute of Special Education, El Vigía, in the state of Mérida. The event, organised by children with mental disabilities, motor impairment, and language disorders, emphasised beautifully the practice of human values through songs, dramas, poems, and posters, which they had prepared in their classes. A student with Down Syndrome read aloud a poem by the deputy director of the Institute, Professor Dominga Jaimes.