In Argentina, two young adults joined 30 children in Merendero Belén, in the city of Salta, to organise various activities, including devotional singing, offering food to the hungry, and human values programmes. In Buenos Aires, the youth held meetings every Saturday in December 2017 and served food to more than 120 homeless people in the city.

In Santiago, Chile, young adults conducted a Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) workshop for the benefit of 15 homeless people. To better understand love as a human value, the participants reflected on the benefits of listening attentively, being able to realise the innate divinity in everyone, and the value of simplicity. In addition, the youth conducted a workshop for 13 people on the importance of food and how to acquire healthy eating habits.

On Christmas day, 13 young adults prepared and served a Christmas meal to more than 150 homeless people in Caracas, Venezuela. They also distributed clothing and toys to homeless children.

In the city of Cajamarca, Peru, young adults led an ongoing SSEHV project called “The Values Box.” SSIO members’ children assisted with class activities, supporting 25 younger children in kindergarten. In San José de Cottolengo, 12 Young Adults and SSIO members distributed clothes and played games with 30 children and youth with disabilities, bringing immense joy to everyone.