On 28th May 2017, six SSIO members organised a celebration of friendship and kindness at the Centre for Social Adaptation of Children in Bishkek. The event was organised in partnership with a public foundation and attended by 77 people, including 66 children. In 2015, the SSIO and the partnering foundation had presented to all orphanages an audio book in Kyrgyz language and a printed edition of the epic, Er-Toshtuk, a magical and humorous play about a journey into the underworld and then into the cosmos, based on human values. Prior to this event, the children studied the epic and the universality of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings on human values, in the context of this play. The programme began with an opening speech and a video rendering of Er-Toshtuk. Older children recited a passage about the heroic strength of Er-Toshtuk and his ability to make friends among people as well as insects, animals, and birds. The children performed songs in the Kyrgyz language and presented dances from different regions. The event concluded with songs about friendship.