During 6th to 8th May 2016, about 80 SSIO members and office bearers from southern Germany gathered at Wartaweil, near Lake Ammersee, for a regional retreat on the theme, “Human Values – Our Inner Treasure.” The group divided into three focus groups to concentrate on the major aspects of the theme. In the “Love in Action” group, participants put the five human values into practise through a service activity. The volunteers composed a musical programme and presented a concert in a nearby shelter for the handicapped, with the help of youth who enthusiastically accompanied them with musical instruments. The “Human Values and Vedanta” study group deliberated on the philosophy of Vedanta and discussed human values, as found in Vedanta, along with the practice of human values in daily life. Lastly, the study group, “Human Values in Nature,” held a workshop on how the five human values can be experienced in nature. Swami’s quotes on nature were discussed, including His reference to nature as “God’s garment.” The participants appreciated how nature sets an example by providing selfless service to everyone.The third day ended with a musical programme featuring devotional songs from different faiths.

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