SSIO members serve breakfast and lunch to indigent parents and children at the Casa Feliz Sai (Happy House of Sai) in Buenos Aires every Saturday. The volunteers also organise recreational and education activities, as well as medical and dental services for the community. After breakfast, participants take part in various activities, including knitting workshops and human values classes for the children. Sathya Sai volunteers also provide paediatric and dental health care, and distribute food to needy families after assessing their risk of malnutrition. The SSIO of Argentina has provided these services since September 2015, through the efforts of five to seven volunteers from the Sathya Sai Centre of Florida and four to five volunteers from the community. Each week, about 50 people receive healthy meals and benefit from educational and healthcare services offered with love. In January 2016, heavy rains flooded the entire locality, including the dining room of Casa Feliz Sai. In response, Sathya Sai volunteers distributed bags of food, hygiene articles, and clothing to those affected by the floods. Two paediatricians, along with other volunteers, also provided various services to ten needy children.

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