On 19th March 2016, a beautiful programme was held for needy villagers who lived along abandoned rail lines in St Augustine, North Trinidad. About 40 volunteers from 14 Sathya Sai Centres in Trinidad and Tobago organised the event at the St. Augustine Community Centre on Freeman Road for the benefit of about 80 villagers and their young children. Earlier, in January 2016, a few Sathya Sai volunteers visited every home in the area to ascertain the needs of the villagers so that services could be appropriately structured. The programme started with four songs representing different faiths. The volunteers served sumptuous meals to all participants. In addition, food bags, stationary, school books, uniforms, shoes, toiletries, mattresses and clothing were distributed to all. Talks were given on Sathya Sai Baba and the SSIO, prevention of diseases, SSEHV and service activities. During the event, the villagers made a request for holding SSEHV classes in the community. In response, Sathya Sai youth volunteers started offering classes every other Saturday, starting in April 2016, for the benefit of about 25 children.

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