During 24th to 26th June 2016, 35 SSIO members from all corners of Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales spent a wonderful weekend at the Butlerstown Castle in Wexford, Ireland, attending an annual Sathya Sai Summer Retreat. Along with the usual high-energy, exuberant devotional singing, inspiring talks were given by Ms. Petra Von Kalinowski, chair of Zone 7, and Ms. Marianne Meyer, member of Prasanthi Council and a director of the Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation. The first workshop on Saturday morning featured a self-reflection exercise, with the goal of increasing awareness of one’s mind and thoughts, and ultimately realising that we are neither the body, mind, or thoughts, but pure divinity. The afternoon session consisted of an open forum of spiritual inquiries for the group to deliberate and discuss thoughtfully. Afterwards, participants had time to explore the castle and grounds, enjoy refreshing walks on the beach, share personal Sai stories, and join in spontaneous devotional singing. The retreat ended on Sunday with two interesting sessions – a creative mandala exercise and a relaxing “Tibetan-bowl” light meditation.