About 35 SSIO members attended the Irish Sathya Sai Summer Retreat 2017 at a castle, 16th–18th June 2017. The participants enjoyed a weekend of unusually warm and clear weather. The event included transformational group workshops based on Sathya Sai’s teachings, as well as yoga and music programmes. In the workshop focused on “Ways of Knowing,” participants were guided through five smaller working sessions, set up at meaningful locations around the castle and grounds. First, God’s presence was “known” through observing nature in the castle gardens. Then group discussions were held on spiritual topics in the castle meeting hall. This was followed by introspection and deepening Self-inquiry in the study room of the castle. A guided meditation session was then held. Finally, the participants gathered in a dark, candle-lit, castle dungeon room, to symbolise overcoming fear and adversities.