SSIO members in Bahrain organised several activities over a 90-day period to celebrate the 90th Birthday of Bhagawan. One of the activities, tree planting, was undertaken by Sathya Sai youth as part of the 2015 Serve the Planet project. On 24th September 2015, coinciding with the auspicious occasion of Eid Al Adha, 90 saplings of various fruit-bearing and shade-giving trees and flowering plants were planted at the Riffa campus of the Indian School in Bahrain. About 100 people, including children, youth, SSIO volunteers and teachers of the Indian School participated in the event with joy and enthusiasm. The programme began with the singing of human values songs by the children, who marched with boards displaying the five human values, and placed them alongside the location where the trees were to be planted. The children then planted the saplings, placing manure and watering the saplings under the guidance of the teachers and volunteers. The practical demonstration of love for nature was followed by inspiring talks on the intrinsic relationship between nature and human values. The message that plants and trees teach human values as living examples of love and compassion was well received by one and all.