On 20th September 2014, the Sathya Sai Centre of Tampa Bay, Florida, organised a vision care camp with the support of government and community organisations. The camp, held at the Pinellas County Health Department in St. Petersburg, served 105 patients. Volunteers included three ophthalmologists, four optometrists, three eye technicians, three doctors, 11 nurses, and 44 general volunteers. Each person’s blood sugar was measured, after which the patients were served breakfast. Eye examinations were followed up with individualised services, on a case-by-case basis. If reading glasses were required, the patient received reading glasses. If prescription eyeglasses were required, patients received vouchers from the Lions Club to pick up their eyeglasses after two weeks. Before exiting the camp, each individual received a boxed lunch. One attendee remarked, “I came here in part because of my lack of insurance to cover eye care, but the service I received here is better than the care I’m able to get through insurance.” Another patient stated, “I even got a chance to pick out the glasses I wanted. I am very grateful to those who spent their time this weekend with people who are less fortunate. There is a lot of love here.”

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