“Real happiness lies within you!” was the theme of the fifth European Sai Young Adults Camp 2023, held between August 19-27, 2023, in Sai Prema, near Athens, Greece. The event was attended by 15 enthusiastic young adults from nine different countries in SSSIO Zones 6 and 7 (countries of Europe). Every morning and evening, the chanting of prayers and singing of bhajans melded their hearts as one, united in their love for Sai. The group attended workshops on integrating spirituality into daily activities, achieving union with God, and how to align spirituality with the rhythm of life.

They also presented dramas on dealing with the realities of life, sang uplifting bhajans, played musical instruments, and danced joyfully. The group also enjoyed excursions to several ancient temples and archaeological sites and learned about the history of these ancient buildings, as well as famous Greek philosophers and their teachings.

A memorable experience forever etched in their hearts was the chanting of Suprabhatam and offering prayers at dawn by the wide-open sea. During sunrise, the skyline was illuminated with such an intense orange light that it felt like they were experiencing the very presence of Sai as He awakened the entire universe.