A large family living in a village in Chernigovskaya region needed help. The family, comprising of a widowed mother and five children, were living in a dilapidated house and needed assistance. During 2021, volunteers from Kiev and two other cities supplied food, clothing, shoes, stationery, lamps, and other items to the family. To further help improve their living conditions, five volunteers remodeled their house in October 2021. They installed lights, switchboards, sockets, and electrical wiring and fixed the bathroom. The volunteers also cleaned the garage, repaired the gates and garden tools, chopped firewood, and trimmed the hooves of the goats kept by the family before winter set in. This selfless service brought joy to everyone involved.

During renovation, the volunteers faced a challenge in repairing a portion of the house to prevent the seepage of rainwater through a hole. Being a Saturday evening, all stores and factories were closed, and no rubble could be procured for the project. Finally, after many attempts, the next morning, the volunteers were able to obtain double the amount of rubble needed at only half the cost from an office yard. The volunteers felt that this was made possible only by the grace of Bhagawan, and all necessary repairs were thus completed.

SSSIO members celebrated the birthday of one of the boys in the family by cutting a cake and giving him a birthday gift of a jigsaw puzzle and some plywood which the boy had helped to procure. The volunteers also discussed the importance of practicing human values with the family and thanked the older boys for helping with the repairs.