Eleven SSIO volunteers from five cities in Kazakhstan participated in the 29th National Volunteer Camp in the Turkestan region during early November 2018. With the assistance of the group Social Assistance at Home, the volunteers distributed 12 wheelchairs to disabled persons. At a local school, volunteers furthered restored ceilings and walls, whitewashed rooms and laid new flooring. A second group of volunteers distributed groceries and household kits to 25 needy, low-income families.

The volunteers also took time to visit the mother of five children, whose house they had repaired during an earlier camp. As a parting gift, the volunteers gave the family 2.5 tons of coal for the winter.

On the last day of the camp, the local community organised a concert. One of the camp youngest participants sang beautiful songs, recited poems, and told a story about a little camel. Inspired by the performance, the volunteers also sang a few soulful songs. The camp concluded with a note of thanks from the school administration, parents and children for the volunteers’ tireless service and dedication.