The 15th National Sai Conference of Kazakhstan was held in October 2018 and attended by 35 SSIO delegates from 13 cities. On the eve of the conference, volunteers took time to perform much needed repairs on the conference facility, which formed an apt prelude for the chosen theme: “the most sacred task is to serve the community”. Upon completion of the renovations, the conference venue featured walls decorated with posters and an exhibition of photographs.

Delegates shared their experience from various Sathya Sai Centres and Groups across the country. Presentations were also made on SSIO projects conducted at the national, zonal, and global scale, during 2018. On the second day, musical performances and plays based on parables, such as “the tale of the cuckoo which was raised by the Oriole” were staged. The conference concluded with an address by the deputy director of the ESSE Institute, who addressed the gathering remotely, and discussed critical educational initiatives, both planned and underway. Following this address, the audience enthusiastically participated in round-table discussions on personal transformation, spiritual development and the role of the individual in the SSIO.