Michael, a Category 4 hurricane, was the third most intense hurricane to ever hit the coast of Florida, USA, inflicting devastation in several areas. In response, SSIO members sent much needed relief supplies to the Sathya Sai Centre in Tallahassee, Florida. Within 10 days, there were enough supplies to send three vanloads of relief material to the hardest hit areas. SSIO volunteers drove out to Clarksville and dropped off the supplies for the nearby rural communities that were completely cut off from the large relief distribution centres in Panama City, Florida. In an interesting episode, when SSIO volunteers reached Clarksville, they were informed of the urgent need for warm blankets – which they did not have. On returning home that night, they found two large packages containing the much-needed blankets on the front porch. The next day, the volunteers returned to Clarksville and offered these blankets and another vanload of supplies to the displaced victims, who were thankful for how quickly their needs were met.