Ciri Grande, a city in the outskirts of Panama City, is a farming community with limited access to resources. On 23rd February 2019, 17 SSIO volunteers, including young adults, distributed 96 backpacks containing school supplies to the children in Ciri Grande. Upon arrival, the volunteers were joyfully greeted by the local people. In addition to giving away backpacks, the volunteers served vegetarian meals to more than 150 people. At the end of the meal, the volunteers organised games to engage the local children and taught them human values. Most importantly, they experienced the meaning of Love All, Serve All upon seeing the smiling faces of the children and the overwhelming gratitude of their families. The children too were surprised at receiving the backpacks and gratefully embraced the volunteers, with joy. In the end, the people of the community lovingly offered the SSIO members loads of vegetables and fruits from their fields.