On 22nd January 2017, the International Sarva Dharma Choir, with 54 members from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, and Finland, presented a concert at a Catholic Church in Trzemesina, Poland. For the first time, the choir had been invited to present a full programme without any restrictions, a unique blessing. Following the message of unity of faiths as taught by Sathya Sai Baba, the choir presented a programme adoring God in many names and forms, including Allah, Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus. The audience gave a standing ovation and deeply appreciated the message of unity conveyed through the music. The parish priest expressed his gratitude and thanked the musicians for filling the church with divine love. The concert was also broadcast via the internet globally.

sso-poland-sarvadharma-choir-concert-in-catholic-church_2017-01-22_a-copy sso-poland-sarvadharma-choir-concert-in-catholic-church_2017-01-22_c-copy