Since 2015, 10 ladies from the SSIO of Thailand have conducted weekly English classes on human values at Samakhee Songklo, a Christian School for the impoverished. The school principal met with the teachers in early 2017 and visited the Sathya Sai Centre on 25th February, accompanied by 30 children and seven teachers who presented cultural dances in an expression of gratitude for the selfless services rendered. SSIO leaders spoke about Sathya Sai Baba’s work in providing free education as well as medical and social projects for the needy. When the students were asked, what was common amongst them despite their diversity, all the students replied, “Love and a good heart.”

thailand-children-2017-deputy-central-regional-coordinatort-talk-about-swamis-teaching thailand-children-2017-performance-by-slum-school-children thailand-children-2017-admiring-performance