The annual summer camp for children was held during the first week of August 2016 at a youth hostel in Linsengericht, a beautiful village in the Spessart mountains of central Germany. More than 60 Sathya Sai followers attended the camp, under the motto, “One World, One Heart.” This year, workshops were conducted for adults and children on the book of Genesis from the Bible, exploring its various teachings, including truth, beauty, goodness, compassion, patience, sacrifice, and other noble virtues. The children were given opportunities for creative activities, sports, and musical training. In addition, the children performed a musical concert to entertain the elderly residents of a home in the village and went for an excursion into the woods under the forest warden’s guidance.

At the same time, a group of 13 male Sathya Sai youth met at Stilles Haus, near Bad Wildungen, a traditional meeting place for the German Sathya Sai community and the campus of the German ISSE. The young volunteers carried out repairs and renovations to the building and tended the gardens, continuing a two-year effort to improve the facility. The youth also played games and sports and engaged in spiritual activities.

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