The SSIO of Kazakhstan held its 24th volunteer camp from 8th to 10th April 2016, in the Abdulabad village. About 25 SSIO members from six cities in Kazakhstan jointly organised educational programmes and various service projects for the local community. School directors and teachers attended educational workshops on the role of the teacher, respect for nature, universal values, morality, and other topics – presented in both the Kazakh and Russian languages. A service team distributed 35 packages of food and household goods to needy large families, the disabled, and the elderly. The recipients expressed their gratitude by offering traditional cakes in return, along with their blessings and bouquets of beautiful spring tulips. SSIO volunteers also renovated two classrooms by repairing and whitewashing the walls; painting window frames, doors, and ceilings; and installing various fixtures and panels. Their industrious work inspired the school staff to lend a hand with painting and the installation of linoleum flooring. On 9th April, the children, in beautiful costumes, presented a colourful programme, and the SSIO also gifted the school with a projector. In the afternoon, after completing the service work, the school teachers and staff served Uzbek pilaf, salads, and delicious, fragrant flatbreads to the volunteers. The headmaster of the school expressed gratitude for the generous help offered by the Sathya Sai volunteers and acknowledged how much had been accomplished through the enthusiastic work of a few dedicated people.

2016-04-08-10-z8-kazahstan-24th-national-volunteer-camp-laundering-of-the-floor-after-whitewash 2016-04-08-10-z8-kazahstan-24th-national-volunteer-camp-the-lessons-on-human-values 2016-04-08-10-z8-kazahstan-24th-national-volunteer-camp-distribution-of-social-packages-to-large-families-the-disabled-the-elderly