The SSIO of Serbia partnered with the Sunshine School to present an Educare programme titled “Nonviolent Discipline through the Nurturing of Human Values” at a conference in Sabac. The event, held on 20th May 2016, was attended by representatives of several Balkan countries. The principles of educare and their applications were presented, as taught by Sathya Sai Baba, emphasising the importance of developing spiritual and character values alongside and integrated with academic curricula. The volunteers illustrated the teaching techniques of EHV, with practical examples from the Sathya Sai Schools in India and the Sunshine School, and also demonstrated the handling of disciplinary issues through teachers building a relationship with students that is based on human values and the teacher being an exemplar of those values. SSIO members were encouraged by the positive response to their first presentation, as the educators understood, respected, and recognised the importance of introducing human values into the regular curriculum.