During mid-June 2015, 24 Sathya Sai volunteers organised a project in the Sverdlovsk region to renovate rooms of the Museum of National Culture, located in a village school. The renovation included redecorating two main rooms of the museum, installing a doorway, repairing windows, installing heaters, and adding lighting fixtures throughout the museum. Volunteers also held discussions on human values with the school teachers, which were very well received. The headmaster further requested the SSIO to offer seminars on Education in Human Values to neighbouring rural schools. The head of the district that includes the village thanked the volunteers, noting that the camp was the first of its kind in the district. The school director and staff gratefully invited the volunteers to return for future activities. A triple rainbow appeared one day, which was taken as a sign of divine grace. In an unusual move, the district Department of Education also promised to renovate the school further by the end of the year.

Z8 Museum Renovation Russia 2015 4

Z8 Museum Renovation Russia 2015 7

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Z8 Museum Renovation Russia 2015 3


Museum Renovation Russia 2015 1