The Sathya Sai School, Kisaju, held a workshop in August 2015, highlighting the importance of Educare and providing information about the Honouring Our Parents Everyday (HOPE) programme, which focuses on respect for and taking care of parents. This Kisaju School initiative has gained popularity with schools in and around Nairobi. Community residents from Ruaraka and 67 delegates from 14 schools attended the workshop, including a discussion on the five cardinal human values, methods of teaching these values, and the unity of head, heart, and hands, as taught by Bhagawan. Delegates learnt about the HOPE initiative, and several teachers came forward as HOPE ambassadors to share the programme elements in various localities. Participants proposed a web-based WhatsApp HOPE group for better communication and sharing of knowledge.

The Sathya Sai School in Kisaju celebrated Teacher’s Day on 9th August 2015 in an event themed “Reading for Prosperity,” to emphasise the importance of reading. School officials, teachers, and students, joined by government officials, parents, and community representatives, celebrated the school’s reading programme, which was built on storybooks donated by parents and well-wishers. A student, Austin Odour, impressed the audience with his discussion of the landmark novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in relation to the human values he had learnt. Models and scientific experiments were on display to demonstrate the practical importance of human values. In addition to presentations of creative arts and music programmes, a Masai dance was performed on the significance of leading a righteous life. The chairman of the school board made everyone happy by announcing the ground-breaking ceremony for a new Sathya Sai Secondary School in Kisaju, to take place during Bhagawan’s 2015 Birthday celebrations.

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