The SSIO of Trinidad and Tobago hosted an annual Sports and Family Day on Sunday 17th May 2015. A highly-anticipated occasion for Sathya Sai families, the event brings together SSIO members from all four regions of the country in a colourful and fun-filled day of activities, beginning with a motorcade procession. This year, the theme was Love Is the Goal, and each of the four regions selected a particular value related to love, to be showcased creatively in the parade. The values portrayed were service, compassion, unity, and joy. SSE children then participated in a number of sports and games, including flat and relay races, lime and spoon races, sack races, and donut-eating competitions. Sathya Sai youth and elders also joined in a few of the events. In conclusion, the children joined hands to form a Gratitude Circle, reminding all that even after engaging in a competition, they continue to love each other as brothers and sisters.

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Opening of Event

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Colorful Parade

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Event Participants

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Sports Day programme

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Students at Sports Day

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Racing to the Finish

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Sack Race

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Tug of War

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Sports Event

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Trophies at Sports Day

Z1 Trinidad-Tobago Recognizing Winners