On 17th May 2014, a leading newspaper in Nepal published a story about a 99-year-old tribesman who was surviving on wild tubers. Due to drought, even the tubers were difficult to find, so that the elderly tribesman was starving for 17 days. Two volunteers from a Sathya Sai Centre immediately set out to reach this person, with a sack full of rice and other dry food.

The tribesman lived deep inside the forest, requiring five hours of extremely arduous trekking on foot from the nearest roadway. When the volunteers reached the tribesman and offered him food, along with a photograph of Swami, he stared at the photograph for few moments and said, “Yes, this is the man. I saw Him in my dream last night. He was wearing the same yellow dress.”

Since this tribesman’s kith and kin had died or deserted him, and food was very difficult to find, he had been contemplating suicide. He said that Bhagawan came in his dream and consoled him, saying, “You should not be despondent. Two persons will come tomorrow and give you enough food and take care of you. You should forsake the idea of killing yourself.” Narrating this, the tribesman said tearfully, “In the morning, I thought it was one of those meaningless dreams we usually have. But now that the two of you have come, as foretold by the person in the dream, He must be God.” The Sathya Sai Centre has resolved to provide food to this tribesman for the remainder of his life.