Twenty-five Sathya Sai volunteers organised a Sai Medicare camp on Saturday, 27th April 2013, at the Nakaikogo Dharma School, Koronivia, Nausori, Fiji. One dermatologist, two dentists, three ophthalmologists, two gynecologists and five general physicians, assisted by eight paramedical staff and two nurses, provided medical care to 300 patients. Sixty pairs of prescription eyeglasses were distributed to the needy. Six pharmacists filled 285 prescriptions at this camp. In addition, 17 people participated in a 3-hour-long Sathya Sai Education in Human Values workshop, held concurrently at the same premises. Lunch was served to the participants and to the community. Five hundred informational flyers were distributed to the attendees, along with certificates of appreciation to all the volunteers.

Six Sai Medicare camps were held from 5th to 10th May 2013, at various educational facilities in Fiji. Sathya Sai volunteers hailed from various countries: 60 from New Zealand, one from Australia, and 12 from Fiji, along with six to eight medical professionals, and lovingly served a total of 3,080 needy patients during the 6-day period. The Ministry of Health, Government of Fiji, assisted with the arrangements and also provided the services of two dentists along with dental equipment at each location.