From January 25 to 27, 2024, more than 80 children from across Australia embarked on a transformative journey at a Sai Spiritual Retreat in Dungay, New South Wales. They not only enjoyed games, sports, creative art and music workshops, and outdoor adventures but also delved into the depths of meditation and prayer, engaging in activities that fostered their spiritual growth. Parents played an active role as volunteers, engaging in parenting workshops and contributing to the Sai School Working Bee program, where they undertook various landscaping and maintenance tasks. As the sun set, attendees gathered around a bonfire, singing devotional songs and fostering lasting friendships.

The retreat was a vibrant blend of contemplation and joy. Children reveled in games and races along a nearby beach, their laughter echoing the joy within. As they bid farewell, the children carried with them a newfound inspiration, a deep understanding that they are bearers of Sai’s divine light, a testament to the spiritual growth experienced at the retreat.

A participant shared, “Thank you for such a beautiful and perfectly organized retreat. We all had such a lovely time and are looking forward to the next one.”