The SSSIO New Zealand held its annual National retreat in Taupo in January 2024. The retreat, with the theme Living with Sai, attracted a diverse audience of 65 adults, 37 young adults, eight teens, and seven children. The young adults, in particular, played a significant role in the event by preparing and lovingly serving meals, thus displaying the very essence of selfless service. The retreat delved into various dimensions of spiritual living, blending traditional practices with modern insights while incorporating Sai teachings. The mealtimes became moments of sacred communion, while periods of silence and chanting evoked a sense of reverence and unity among the participants.

Afternoons provided opportunities for further reflection and exploration of topics such as time management, emotional well-being, and sustainable living, with Sai teachings weaved throughout. The audience also learned about the interconnectedness between physical well-being and inner spiritual harmony. Spiritual practices were further explored through meditation, creative arts, and interactive sessions. As the retreat concluded, participants left with cherished memories, newfound insights, and a reaffirmed commitment to living with Sai in every aspect of their lives.