In October 2022, over 150 SSSIO volunteers from seven regions across Russia served hot food to nearly 650 needy people. In central Russia, volunteers distributed Druzhba porridge, cheese sandwiches, pancakes, vegetables, salad, apples, sweets, and tea with lemon to many people. In the Ural region, volunteers from three cities consistently delivered food to 20 people every Saturday. About 30 volunteers from the Siberian region distributed food to 46 people, including buckwheat porridge with vegetables, noodles, cottage cheese casserole, pancakes, cookies, sweets, and hot tea. They also gave away grocery bags filled with fruits, buckwheat, sunflower oil, milk, and flour. During this service, a passerby on the street, observing the distribution of food, became inspired and also distributed pies to the needy living on the street.