Since 2013, school children from Grades 6 to 13 in the Mullaitivu District who excel in their studies but face financial difficulties can receive scholarships if they enroll in Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) Program. These students attend monthly SSEHV classes to learn about value-based living. Currently, 300 students are enrolled in this program.

SSSIO volunteers from the North Central region of Sri Lanka continue to support 154 needy students. Katkovalam Sai Center members in the Northern Region also awarded educational scholarships to 15 students in April 2022 on the occasion of Aradhana Mahotsavam. Keeping with the adage that healthy bodies lead to healthy minds, Sai volunteers provide nutritious mid-day meals to 95 children in 5 pre-schools in Mullaitivu District and 60 children in 2 pre-schools in Karaitivu and Veeramunai (4th Colony) in the Eastern Region.

The SSSIO also donated school supplies. In Karukambam village, members of the Manthigai Sai Center distributed 105 exercise books to 21 students and T-shirts and writing instruments to 20 children on Easwaramma Day. SSSIO members of Central Sri Lanka provided school stationery to 63 schoolchildren from the village of Kandaketiya.