On January 31 and February 21, 2021, around 50 SSSIO volunteers from seven regions in South Africa distributed vitamin packs along with information booklets and packets of vibhuti (holy ash) to the needy, while following strict safety protocols. The vitamin packs contained Vitamin B complex, Vitamins C and D, and Zinc. The booklets included information on how to handle exposure to Covid-19 and combat the disease. The vibhuti (holy ash) packages were beautifully decorated by the SSE children. A total of 1,350 packages were distributed to the elderly and indigent devotees nationwide. The volunteers also provided medical and psychological services, by telephone.

In view of the global pandemic, many additional service projects were initiated by the SSSIO of South Africa. Volunteers from the ladies’ wing made and distributed 1,299 face masks to the needy for personal protection. In addition, they donated 350 masks to Gift of Givers, a non-profit organization. SSSIO volunteers distributed vitamins, hygiene packs, and energy boosts to families affected by Covid-19. The ladies wing also organized nationwide chanting of Gayatri Mantra monthly for peace and wellbeing of all. Food hampers were distributed to needy families. Face masks, detergent, and lunch were distributed in Sri Sathya Sai Schools. SSSIO volunteers from the Pretoria region distributed over 200 PPE gowns. Clothing and bedding were distributed to Rylands Disaster Relief program.