Young adults (YAs) from the Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Toronto-York brought festive cheer to the local community during the holiday season in 2019. Through practising Ceiling on Desires, the YAs generated enough savings to purchase more than 2,000 hygiene products which were distributed at the local women’s shelter. They also lovingly prepared 60 care packages for teenagers in a local youth shelter. SSE children wrote little notes of kindness and included them in the gift packages. Volunteers from the Centre also distributed new socks, scarves and torques as well as lightly used jackets and sweaters to the homeless on the streets of downtown Toronto. They also served hot soup, sandwiches, fruit and snacks. Finally, the Centre conducted a Toy Drive in support of the City of Toronto’s “Toy Mountain” project. They collected 40 gifts that were left under the Sai Centre Christmas tree by their members and dropped them off at a local fire station for distribution to the needy.