The beautiful Ural mountain range was the venue for the 4th Annual Regional Conference and Youth Festival in early January 2019, which was attended by 32 people. The theme of this year’s joyous and inspiring event was “The Green Planet – Our Home”. The two-day conference began with a presentation titled “On the Unity of Man and Nature” by the regional Educational Coordinator who stressed the need to maintain the respect and purity of the five elements that formed the basis of all creation. The participants ended the day with a ‘Yolochka’ dance set to Russian tunes. On the second day of the conference, participants entered the venue through the “Gate of Wisdom”, an exhibition of various quotes by Sathya Sai Baba on nature. The proceedings began with the song, “This is the world of my Father.” The youth then described their experiences in caring for animals, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, clearing debris, and reducing the use of plastic as part of the global Serve the Planet project of the SSIO. Next, the conference attendees took part in a game where they had to complete tasks that involved knowledge and practical applications related to maintaining purity of the five elements. A creative concert brought the festival to a happy ending.