SSIO volunteers in Trinidad and Tobago organised a National Interfaith Programme on 20th January 2019 at Sai Nilayam in Trinidad. Representatives from the three predominant faiths – Islam, Christianity and Hinduism – spoke on the theme ‘Unity of Faiths.’ The President of the National Islamic Counselling Services (NICS) spoke about the value of peace in Islam. Representing Christianity was a representative from the Living Water Community, who spoke on the value of non-violence. A member of the Chinmaya Mission expounded on the value of right action. A skit on Unity in Diversity and a medley of devotional songs were presented by the children of the Sathya Sai Primary School, Longdenville, and the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) class of the St. Julien Sathya Sai Centre. All of the speakers eloquently shared the teachings of their respective faiths, which is best encapsulated by Sathya Sai Baba’s message, “Love All; Serve All”.