The State of Georgia has one of the highest rates of medically uninsured people in the United States. To address this inequity, the Sathya Sai Centre of Atlanta began offering free, high-quality healthcare for uninsured, low-income families within the community in July 2018. Inspired by the Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital in India, the SAI clinic in Atlanta adopted a similar model of a traveling, volunteer medical team that goes out to patients in order to serve them. For instance, it provides free medical care at the Atlanta Mission Homeless Shelter on the second Saturday of each month. Since November 2018, Sai Clinic volunteers also participate in a free medical clinic for refuges every third Saturday of the month at Grace Village.

Over the months of its operation, the Sai Clinic has been staffed by a team of nine doctors, six nurses, a pharmacist, an ophthalmologist, a paediatrician, medical students, a physical therapist, lab technicians and several volunteers. In a short span of time, the SAI clinic has treated over 200 patients for various ailments. Patients can consult with doctors, be examined and can receive medicines for free. At the homeless shelter, SSIO volunteers buy the prescription medicines at a local pharmacy and deliver it to the patients. The SAI clinic has also provided eye screenings for 115 patients and good quality glasses with frames, donated by the Lions Clubs, for 75 patients.