Three heart-warming programmes under the theme, Heal the World, highlighted the 2017 Guru Poornima celebrations in New South Wales. First, on 2nd July 2017, 90 SSIO members SSIO teamed up with the Paramatta City Council at Lake Paramatta Reserve to clean up local parks and express gratitude to Mother Earth. On 8th July 2017, 120 people, in different groups, visited six local nursing homes to sing and entertain the residents. The second programme, part of the Serve the Planet initiative, encouraged everyone not to waste water or food, to reduce the use of plastics by substituting plastic bottles with glass ones, to use cloth bags when shopping, and to remember that every small act makes a difference to the environment. Lastly, on 9th July 2017, a devotional programme, attended by 500 people at Grantham Hall in Seven Hills, featured devotional songs, presentations of Serve the Planet service projects, and an interactive session on recycling.