On 22nd September 2016, a local Indonesian newspaper carried a story about a dilapidated bridge at Salapian village, in Tanjung Langkat, North Sumatra. The 76-metres-long and 1.4-metres-wide bridge, used regularly by 2,800 local villagers, serves as the only connection between two villages. On 3rd October, six volunteers from the Sathya Sai Study Group of Medan travelled to Tanjung Langkat to survey and repair the bridge, where they learned that the local government had built the bridge with low-quality construction material, such as coconut wood, which compromised its safety. Many individuals had fallen accidentally into the pit below. Over a seven-day period, Sathya Sai volunteers replaced the bottom barrier of the bridge with high-quality steel and strengthened the top with high-quality wood to ensure the strength and safety of the bridge.

001-ssgi-medan-oct-2016-the-broken-bridge-before-the-renovation-project-copy006-ssgi-medan-oct-2016-welding-the-steel-copy 012-medan-oct-2016-sai-volunteers-involve-into-the-bridge-installment-at-salapian-village-copy  013-medan-oct-2016-bridge-repair-at-salapian-village-tanjung-langkat-north-sumatra-copy