World Human Values Day was observed on 24th April 2017 in Rijeka and Bjelovar by the SSIO of Croatia. In Rijeka, a human values instructor gave a lecture, “All That Feeds Us,” to SSIO members and others. The talk dealt with daily foods and spiritual nourishment and their impact on the senses and self-image. For a taste of vegetarian cuisine, Sathya Sai Centre members served delicious vegetarian snacks. In Bjelovar, volunteers organised a puppet show and presented “Wakie-Wakie Stories” to teach human values to more than 100 children and 11 teachers from a local kindergarten. Books on the virtues of truth, right conduct, peace, and nonviolence were given to teachers and the theatre director. The students and teachers held a Walk for Values by walking 2.5 km, from the kindergarten to the programme venue. Each child carried a balloon proclaiming “April 24, World Human Values Day” during the walk. Ten SSIO members wrote the script, directed, and produced the puppet show, which was featured in the local newspapers.