On 9th May 2016, Sathya Sai members from Aktau visited a nursing home to felicitate the elder residents on Victory Day, a national holiday commemorating the end of the World War II in 1945. The volunteers organised a concert and a tea party in the dining room, which was festively decorated with helium balloons. Members of a band and the volunteers served chocolates, cakes, pancakes, bananas, and apples to the nursing home residents. The band played nostalgic songs that had been popular during the war years, along with contemporary music. The elders participated joyfully and shared their stories from the war years. The event concluded with a dance, “Lezginka,” performed by a dance group. The residents expressed sincere joy and gratitude to the Sathya Sai volunteers, and the director of the nursing home voiced appreciation for the beautiful and uplifting programme, delivered with warmth and sincerity.

2016-05-09-z8-kazakhstan-visiting-nursing-homes-warm-greetings-from-volunteers 2016-05-09-z8-kazakhstan-visiting-nursing-homes-chat-with-veterans-3