Christmas was celebrated at the Sathya Sai Centres of Nepal with Christmas trees, festoons, lights, and other decorations. Special study circles were held to discuss the similarities in the lives and messages of Jesus Christ and Bhagawan Baba. This holy occasion was marked by the inauguration of a Sri Sathya Sai Health Services Centre at Pokhara, to provide clinical and diagnostic services, including blood tests, ECGs, PFTs, x-rays, video x-rays, and medicines, all free of cost. On the very first day, a group of 30 medical professionals – 9 doctors, 11 paramedical personnel, and 10 pharmacists – served 150 patients and distributed medicines. As part of these services, 68 blood tests for hepatitis, 44 ECGs, 68 PFT tests, and 68 ultrasound tests were conducted.