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Serving Needy Villagers in Thailand

On 27th January 2018, SSIO volunteers in Thailand conducted a survey in Baan Daan Chaan village to identify the needs of indigent villagers, with a view to adopting the community. They also distributed packages containing

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Sathya Sai Sports Day in Thailand

On 13th January 2018, 20 volunteers from the SSIO of Thailand organised a Sathya Sai Sports Day. The head of the Indian Associations of Thailand and a senior SSIO officer inaugurated the event. More than

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Serving Orphans in Thailand

On 26th November 2017, 41 volunteers, including 25 SSIO members, travelled to BaanGerda, a small community 230 km north of Bangkok that provides care and support for 48 orphaned children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The volunteers distributed

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