Storytelling in Bjelovar, Croatia

On 12th November 2015, two members of the Sathya Sai Centre of Bjelovar led an evening programme titled “Wakie Wakie Stories,” on education in human values, in Petar Preradovic at the National Library in Bjelovar. The volunteers arranged for the reading of folk tales and stories with a spiritual message in a warm and intimate atmosphere created by candlelight. Visitors filled the gallery of the National Library and listened with rapt attention Read More

Australian Cultural Programme

SSIO volunteers organised an evening extravaganza of music, drama, and dance at Bowman Hall in Blacktown, Sydney, on 1st November 2015. In response to a cordial invitation extended to all ethnic communities, the hall was packed with Croatians, Serbians, Italians, Lebanese, Iranians, Indians, Sri Lankans, Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, Africans, Spanish, and people of other ethnic groups, who came together happily as one family. The Honourable Stephen Bali, Mayor of Blacktown, was the Guest of Honour. The event underscored Sathya Sai’s teachings about the importance of respecting different cultures and beliefs in order to maintain and promote world peace and harmony.