Medical Clinic in Botswana

The SSIO of Botswana has operated the Sathya Sai Baba Free Medical Clinic, every Sunday for the past eight years. An eye clinic is also offered twice a month for examinations and providing of spectacles, and a dental clinic is held monthly, on Sundays. In 2014, 21 medical professionals, assisted by 30 volunteers and 3 translators, treated 3,126 patients and dispensed medicines. The eye clinic attracts needy patients from remote locations. In 2014, opticians distributed Read More

Cataract Surgeries in Kenya

For the third consecutive year, the Sathya Sai Centre in Mombasa, in cooperation with other charitable organisations, arranged cataract surgeries for rural community residents. Volunteers screened 218 potential patients and identified 17 needy people for cataract surgery. Read More

Training Programmes in South Africa

Training programmes for SSIO officers and a “Train the Trainer” programme for Sai volunteers were held in South Africa. In January 2015, the SSIO of South Africa organised a training programme in Johannesburg and Durban for 600 SSIO officers. The full-day session provided all officers with guidelines on their roles and responsibilities in the organisation. Videos were shown about Bhagawan’s message, and the participants engaged in role plays for a deeper understanding of the guidance.

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Serving the Disabled, Ghana

The Nsawam Orthopaedic Training Center (NOTC) helps disabled children in Ghana who have lost one or more limbs. At Easter time, in April 2015, ten Sathya Sai volunteers visited the NOTC to offer food to about 80 children. The volunteers served jollof rice, toffees, biscuits, fruits, donuts, bread, and fruit juice.

Serving Children with Disabilities in Ghana

The Nsawam Orthopaedic Training Centre (NOTC) is a Catholic institution in Ghana. It helps disabled children who have lost one or both limbs due to accidents or birth defects. Twenty-one Sathya Sai volunteers in Ghana visited the NOTC on 26th December 2014 to offer encouragement and loving advice to the children. The volunteers served rice, stew, biscuits, oranges, bananas, pineapple, fruit juice, and bread to 50 children and 10 adults. Sister Magdalene, the head of the NOTC, expressed her gratitude for the loving services.

Serving Flood Victims in Mauritius

During the weekend of 7th to 8th March 2015, severe flooding affected the southern parts of the island of Mauritius, and Sathya Sai volunteers from Savanne swiftly began rendering assistance to disaster victims. It was communicated on 9th March that 30 families needed immediate help. Sathya Sai volunteers from the Bois Cheri and Surinam Centres distributed food and supplies to five families at the villages of Read More