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Medical Camp in Vanua Levu, Fiji (Video)

Sathya Sai volunteers from Australia and Fiji organised an annual medical camp in the island of Vanua Levu in August 2014 to serve the very needy residents of this remote island in Fiji. Here is a video of the loving services rendered to over 1,700…

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Podiatry Camp in Florida (Video)

Sathya Sai volunteers in Florida organised a podiatry (foot care) camp at St. Petersburg to serve the destitute. Patients received foot care, as well as new shoes, a blanket and boxed lunch. Many were touched by the love and compassion shown. Here is their story.

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Renovating a Village School in Cambodia (Video)

Sathya Sai volunteers from various countries travelled to a low-income community in Siem Reap, Cambodia in early 2014 and helped to renovate and build a village school that provides free English classes and day care for needy children. The school principal recounts the service activities…

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