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Adopt a Village Programme in Thailand

Members of the SSIO in Thailand organised village service as part of a village adoption programme. Volunteers packed and distributed care packages of rice, oil, sugar, noodles, milk, cookies and diapers to 18 families and needy people in the village. SSIO members visited four former employees of the…

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Spiritual Camp in Thailand

During 24th–25th March 2018, a sadhana (spiritual practice) camp was held at the Sathya Sai School in Lopburi, themed “Service to Man Is Service to God.” SSIO leaders gave

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Serving Needy Villagers in Thailand

On 27th January 2018, SSIO volunteers in Thailand conducted a survey in Baan Daan Chaan village to identify the needs of indigent villagers, with a view to adopting the community. They also distributed packages containing

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Sathya Sai Sports Day in Thailand

On 13th January 2018, 20 volunteers from the SSIO of Thailand organised a Sathya Sai Sports Day. The head of the Indian Associations of Thailand and a senior SSIO officer inaugurated the event. More than

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Serving Orphans in Thailand

On 26th November 2017, 41 volunteers, including 25 SSIO members, travelled to BaanGerda, a small community 230 km north of Bangkok that provides care and support for 48 orphaned children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The volunteers distributed

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